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Posted: January 23, 2012 in 2 Peter, New Book

Repaint the Lines is entering its final editing phase and should be published later winter or early spring.


Peter was nearing the end of his earthly life. He had witnessed the Christ-event nearly 30 years prior to his final moments, as noted in the New Testament book of 2 Peter. 
What looked to be an imminent death during the Neronian persecution of 64 AD prompted the stately Peter to pick up the pen one more time and to secure the legacy of the One who had changed his life forever.  
Now, as Peter pondered death and the future of the Jesus-movement that he and others had established, he shares some final thoughts that can be summed up in the word “remember.”  
Peter knew that some would come along behind him and begin to revision and redefine the life of Jesus and what it all meant.  
2 Peter shows us how Peter wants all Christ-followers to “Repaint the Lines” – the traditional lines as they were first laid out by Christ and the apostles; to re-articulate those beliefs and truths that will hold life together in a very fragmented age. 
2 Peter shows all of us that it is time to “Repaint the Lines.”